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Composite Resins (Tooth Colored Fillings)

The development of tooth colored resins has provided the ability to repair and reshape teeth in a single visit. More involved cases where several teeth are involved may require multiple appointments. Bonding is a treatment in which tooth colored resin material is applied to replace and reshape decayed, fractured, discolored or misshapen tooth structure. This material once placed is “cured” or hardened with a special light. Once the filling is hard and well bonded to the tooth it is sculpted and polished for an aesthetic result.

Porcelain Veneers

With minimal tooth preparation veneers can change tooth shape and color. (Masking gaps, stain and making crooked teeth straight) Porcelain Veneers can help achieve a beautiful smile.

The first visit enamel preparation is usually required to remove irregular shapes and optimize esthetics outcome. Tooth whitening may be ideal prior to preparation of teeth to provide improved color and aesthetic result. A mould is made of the prepared teeth and sent to the laboratory for veneer fabrication. A temporary acrylic veneer may be placed on your teeth during time of fabrication.

Second visit consists of temporary removal, veneer try in to verify fit and aesthetics. Finally a thin porcelain veneer is bonding to the facing of your tooth.